Glories served daily.


While traveling through a rural community after a long day's work in an area primary school, I was asked, "Why is it that the soil along the roads is all fallen and broken?" I responded, "It's because the soil in this area is not used to water. Rather than soak it up when it rains, it simply gives way and crumbles as the water washes over it." Immediately, it rang out in my ears - this is what I want you to remember as you continue to walk with me.

You see, our lives are all too much like this soil. If we are not accustomed to water, the Living Water of Jesus, then when the rains come, we will simply give way. However, if I am purposeful and devoted to soak up "water" in my life, then I readily absorb it and am fertile ground for a mighty crop.

It's passages like Romans 12, "Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering, ..." that remind me that the nature of what we do at Choose to Invest is all overflow. Overflow of the love, grace and mercies that have been bestowed upon each of us each day. I might only have my daily, ordinary things to offer up, but who am I to discount the ordinary things bestowed unto me by God? I'm realizing more everyday that it's not extraordinary gifting, skill, or talent that God uses to accomplish all his work - but the plain and ordinary ones offered up to him. Why? Because it's in these ordinary things that God can receive the glory that no man can claim. I'm reminded that Moses already possessed the staff he would use to part the Red Sea, so I'm purposing myself to give thought to how He might use what He has already given me.

In all my work over the past 5 years, the conclusion I have come to is that the work is far from being over and may never be, yet I have hope. I am most reminded of this hope in the children here. Joyfully, the children often run up to you, grab your open hand, and then glance up at you with the biggest grin. In its purest form, this is the hope I am referring to, which makes all this labor worth the personal sacrifice of being here.

The work may not be over, but the glories are served daily. I'm just thankful to be in the field.