JOURNEY: Reflections

As a new group of interns transition into the season of Journey, it is only natural to reflect on all that the Lord did this summer. While each Journey team is different, we have found that for the most part every Journey intern walks through very similar seasons. We thought that now would be a good time for Journey interns from this past summer to reflect on all that the Lord brought them through just a few months ago. Below is a bit of Sarah Beth's experience from the summer.



Although I continuously have to remind myself that this summer was not a dream, the deep heart pains that I feel each time I reminisce reinforces its reality. J2013 was different from any experience that I have ever been apart of. Many people ask me if it was different due to not being home for two months, living in a third world country, or not talking to my family for so long, and of course those were factors but the real difference of this summer was the experience of true community.

I always thought I had good community at home (I truly do, shout out to my homegirlz in the mountains), but the intentionality of this group was beyond anything I have ever been a part of. Through that community you could truly see the interconnectedness of the body of Christ. I was able to recognize that I don’t have to do it all, I don’t have to lead at all times, but there are others in the group who God have purposefully created differently to lead in different situations. It was slightly painful to be opened to my selfishness in such a way, but I rejoiced in recognizing that I was on the road to sanctification. The more that Jesus pushed his way into my heart, the more of my nastiness had to come out. Being able to walk in that bit of righteousness with others who were going through the same thing made it more real and helped me, on a personal level, more able to cling to the victory.

Being back home and back at school has been a major test of my person reliance on God and my own God-given strength to continue to walk out that victory that I claimed so many weeks ago. Although this is a trying season, I have so many sweet reminders of God’s faithfulness. Whether that is through the Squirrelz group text, or through some obscure way, God constantly shows me His unfailing love. I am now able to experience Jesus is the simplest of details and I can thank all of my African brothers and sisters for being living examples of that joy. East Africa has forever stolen my heart but that is because my maker is so apparent there. I would like to thank each of the Choose to Invest staff that poured out so much to make our experience what it was and what is continues to be. Thank you Summer Staff for so graciously loving us and loving us well. Thank you to my other interns for pushing me to be more like Jesus. Thank you Father for reminding me that I am holy, blameless, and chosen. To Him be the glory