The refuge.

We are very excited to share a new development for Kimbilio Project! If you remember, we made an announcement in February about the Kimbilio Baby Home. That announcement said, “we will rent a home that will become the Kimbilio Baby Home, where we can implement our child development model and begin bringing hope and love to children from the start.” After a year of research and house hunting, God has provided what we believe to be an ideal location for the first phase of Kimbilio Project, the Kimbilio Baby Home.

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The gated compound is less than a mile away from the current house that we currently occupy and host Rejoice Project discipleship retreats, Journey interns, and house staff. The Kimbilio property is half an acre and has three buildings. The first building is the main house, which will be the Kimbilio Baby Home. It has five bedrooms in addition to a dining room, living room, garage, kitchen, and laundry room. We will use this space to create care, play, and therapy rooms for the children that God stewards to us.
The two buildings at the back of the compound have a total of five apartments, and additional laundry areas. These apartments allow us to have space for staff, guests, and more. The owner of the house lives a few houses away and is in full support of this property being a refuge for orphaned and abandoned children. There is even an adjoining plot of land that the owner said he would develop with us in mind, if we needed more space in the future. In addition, we now have a facility where our Rejoice Project and Journey curriculum can be utilized to house, train, and disciple orphan care workers! It also will allow us to maintain and increase our relationships and influence in the area. God’s presence is on this place and we are excited for what He has in store with this step of faith.
We were able to negotiate terms with the owner and reduce the rent to half of his original asking price! The rent for this house is more than we had originally budgeted, but we know it is the space God designed for Kimbilio. We trust and believe that the Lord will provide what is needed through individuals like you. We need an additional $4,000 to close the gap between budgeted and actual rent through December 2013. We pray that you will consider helping close this gap. [button link="" color="teal" window="yes"]Give Here[/button]
Stay tuned for more ways to be involved with the Kimbilio Baby Home. Feel free to check out our website for more information and/or email with questions or ways you can get involved.
Looking forward to what is ahead!