A new kind of journey.

Nearly a month ago, 19 summer Journey interns made their way back to their families, friends, communities, and college campuses. The time has flown by and I ask that you would please continue to keep them in your prayers, because I know God has plans for each of them on their campuses this semester. However, we now find ourselves ready to welcome the newest group of Journey interns. This group is a group of firsts for Invest - first group to come during the fall, first group of all ladies, and first group to be led by the newest member of our team, the new Journey Manager, Mary London Carswell. I'm filled with anticipation of what's to come from this group. Eagerly waiting, I cannot wait to see what God is going to do through this amazing group of strong, Christ-filled women in the communities we work in. We, as an organization, are filled withed with joy at the thought of welcoming 4 new members to the Invest family and sharing in ministry with them this fall. We have cherished the time we've had these past few months getting to know each of them and are happy to begin introducing them to you today. Enjoy!


Introducing Jordan Morris:


My name is Jordan Elaine Morris. Some people call me “J$”, pronounced “J-Money”. Others stick to nicknames like “Lainey” or just simply “Morris”. I am 19 years old and just graduated from Etowah High School in Woodstock, GA. Many people say I’m “wide-eyed” because I look for adventure everywhere I turn. I am definitely an art and music girl, and I absolutely love people. I carry my guitar around like it’s my child and stop at random places to sing. I believe that Jesus is the absolute truth, and it’s by love and grace alone I live. I was dead, but now I’m alive. I was blind, but now I see.

I have been dreaming of “Go”ing to Africa since I was a little girl. I often find myself writing about places I’ve never been, and falling in love with people I’ve never met. Then, this past year, God called, ““Go” (Matthew 28:19) to Africa. I’ve equipped you, and you’re ready.” This scared me for weeks. I knew I was supposed to go, but fear was creeping in. The Lord wrapped his love around me, and now, by the power of Jesus Christ, great love most definitely cast out the fear I had. After months of street shows, long nights serving tables, and a lot of letters, here I am; fully funded and ready to take on what Jesus has laid out in front of me. This is the start of a new season of life. My prayer: Let revival come, let the people sing the glory of your name, Jesus.

“I remain confident of this; I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.”   -Psalm 27:13