I am posting tonight's blog at the request of our Journey 2010 team. Our day today was filled with adventure, exploration, cooperation, and fear breaking activities. I couldn't be more proud and humbled to be a part of a team like this! After our planned activities today, I began to notice small groups of students talking quietly and was approached with a proposition:

"If we can raise enough money, can we bring Cody to Kenya with us?"

A little background on Cody; he is an amazing leader who joined our team at the last minute for Journey '09. What sparked our interest about Cody is that he was 18 years old and had already started a movement called "Beyond Ourselves" which help students by providing an outlet to get involved in the fight to provide clean water in Africa and to send Bibles to Ghana. He not only raised all of his funds in a matter of a few weeks, but he missed his High School graduation to come to Kenya.

Cody has been with us since May 11th and has offered up his time to come and help prepare for and provide the experience for Journey 2010. Because he has spent the last two summers in Africa he was planning on working this year to save some money. He has made a tremendous impact on the lives of our team this year and thus the request...

We need to raise about $3,000 to send Cody to Kenya with the Journey 2010 team this year and they are asking for your help! They are each making phone calls tonight and tomorrow to see what they can come up with and I promised to post this request tonight to all of you. God has provided so faithfully for our team and we are fully funded as of last Friday. We know that He can provide the funds for Cody to join our team this year if that is His will.

If you would like to help send Cody to Kenya, here's how you can help:

  • Email me at and let me know the amount you would like to donate to Cody's trip so that I can track the funds coming in towards our goal
  • Send a check before Sunday to Choose to Invest: 562 Lakeland Plaza #328  Cumming, GA 30040
  • Stay tuned to watch this story unfold!

I'm blown away by the selflessness of both our students and Cody and I can't wait to see how God provides for him completely unexpectedly! Thank you for being a part of this experience and keep checking back for updates from the Journey 2010 team.

*Choose to Invest, Inc. is a not-for-profit with 501(c)3 status so all donations are tax deductible*