In 140 characters.

photo After each community, we spend time as a team reflecting on the things that God taught us, and how we saw Him working throughout the week. Yesterday, while debriefing as a team, we asked the interns to summarize their time in one of the communities we work in with one tweet (or 140 characters).


Margot: “So thankful for the life & growth experienced. #Blessed #J2013”

Faith: "God showed favor on His servants & covered the plains with he faithfulness of His Spirit’s comfort. #TIA"

Sam: “Prayer is powerful. To be in constant communication with the Father is not to be pushed aside, but rather should be as necessary as air is to breathing."

Jordan: “Learning to be led by God. #Follower #J2013"

Christian: "When the enemy knocks me down- I have a Father and brothers to help me back up again. #noshame #surrender #J2013"

Stephen: “And so we keep on praying for you that our God will make you worthy of the life he called you to. #2Thess111"

Sarah Beth: "Obedience for today: Rocky bumpy roads. Empowering strong women. God’s faithfulness reigns. #Haiku #TIA"

Elizabeth: “He made us invisible to make Him known, wrecked out plans so we could be in His perfect plan, & opened our eyes to darkness so we could be aware of His light.”

Peter: “God took 25 more names devoted to him, and many more precious memories"

Zac: "Learning to walk a life that is worthy of the Gospel with hands help open. Reflecting the glory of God not ourselves. #notmyown #2cor318"

Chavet: “Love God. Love people. #inthatorder #purpose #J2013"

Shirley: “I am timid, but God is bold. I like comfort. The Lord craves truth. #salama"

Allie: “Life with Jesus isn’t a future heaven. Life with Him starts here and NOW. #J2013 #deeptweet"

Trey:  “Zebras, warthogs, & elephants. OH MY. God is reaping harvest. Who am I? That He will use me if I just try. My God’s much bigger than you & I. #humanprobs #Godsbigger"

Lauren: “Light always prevails"

Catherine: “Choosing to walk in life” #Colossians2"

Taylor: "Following after Jesus means He will provide a path for your life. He will make himself known through us & we will find the joy."

Becca: “I’ll never arrive. God will never be done. But I trust Him to show Himself in each day. #1.5"

Adelaide: “Is anyone cheerful: Let him sing praise! #Ostriches"

Reading through the short excerpts from Journey was a sweet reminder for me that God has each of us on an individual journey. He has orchestrated and ordained specific conversations and encounters for each of us. I am in awe of how faithful He is to reveal himself to each of us in such specific ways. I am overjoyed with the journey He has our team on this summer.