To know Jesus and to make him known.

We just arrived back from our third community. God moved in a huge way, and we are in awe of the good work He is doing throughout our team and in this community. Journey intern, Taylor Blair encountered God in a rich and refreshing way. Here's a bit about how she saw God moving throughout our time in the third community!


Hello friends and family! It is unbelievable that we have spent five weeks in Africa already. I am even more amazed by the work the Lord has done in and through each one of us throughout our Journey so far. We arrived on Friday the 21st of June and were welcomed by the community with a traditional Maasai song and dance performed by Endana Primary School. I immediately fell in love with this community while listening to the children sing, and looking around at the thousands of acres of land. I knew the Lord had the people and this place in the palm of his hand.


Saturday morning I could not wait to spend a full day in the community. As we drove out of our hotel in  we stopped to get more bottles of water. While we were stopped we noticed a few young boys no older than age 10 by the side of our truck sniffing glue. Each one of our hearts broke for these young boys we didn’t even know. For the rest of our time traveling into the community we prayed over Nanyuki, the sex trafficking, drug addictions, and strongholds over the people there. That was the first time I experienced prayer in an extremely powerful way. I am confident and encouraged that the Lord heard our prayers, which I honestly have never felt before. After experiencing how big the Lord is the day before, I was reassured that His hand is over the entire city of Nanyuki and every part of the world, because He truly is that powerful and sovereign.  We praised God knowing that He is in control over every situation in that city, and only He has the ability to save people from their addictions. As much as I would like to believe that we ourselves are doing a good work here, we are only the vessels the Lord is using to bring more people to salvation. There is no power within us that is great enough to redeem others. I went to the Lord each morning this week praying that we would be at the mercy of His work within us to love and encourage each person we were able to talk with.

Having taught the virtue of grace in two different communities already, each of us were excited to finish the month here.  Little did we know the impact this community was going to have on us. This was the first time that any Journey team had taught Rejoice Project in the schools. On Monday we visited Endana Primary.  I am a part of the Games team, and this was the first community that we had one person sit aside from the teaching to pray over the time we had with the students, and that the Lord would be softening the hearts of each child. The first class we had was the eighth graders. At the end of our time we asked if there was anyone who wanted to receive Christ into their life, and one boy raised his hand. It was the first time this whole summer that we had a student come to us wanting to be saved. The next day at Uaso Nyrio we prayed that the Lord would multiply the number of students who would want to claim Christ as their Lord and savior. During the last teaching session with the lessons team, 24 students raised their hand to accept Jesus into their hearts. The Lord is so faithful to answer our prayers when our desires align with His desire for His children.  We had been told at the beginning of the week how hard it is to be Maasai and Christian living, but that more and more people were breaking away from their culture in order to pursue their relationship with the Lord. Even the Rejoice Project leaders have all overcome tremendous hardships to follow hard after Christ and be obedient to what the Lord is calling them to do. This past week our entire team was touched by the men and women we worked alongside. There were three women in particular we met with the first day and taught with at Uaso Nyrio on Tuesday were true inspirations to each one of us girls. The girls spent the second half of the day on Tuesday with Josephine, Agnus, and Evelyn listening to how they came to know Christ and why they wanted to be a part of Rejoice Project. Each woman was the only believer in her family. I am so inspired by how willing and obedient these women are to spread the word of God. As a mother, their first priority is to minister to their family, and they are going beyond that call to make Christ’s name known within their community. Being able to sit down, encourage and speak truth into their lives was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life. I will never forget it. During the time of prayer we had with the ladies, I was so overwhelmed by a sense of peace knowing that the Lord will bless and keep these women who are giving up so much to teach others about His love and His word. As sad as I am to leave this Rejoice team I am so confident of the Lord’s favor upon them, and the work that the He is doing through them and within the community. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with such a Christ-centered group of people, and will always be grateful for the impact they made on my life. The Lord has done such a good work in such a short amount of time and I look forward to what the Lord has in store for Rejoice Project and our Journey team in years to come.

Mungu akubariki na nita kuambea,