A warm welcome.

  We are officially in our third community! God's moving in a beautiful way, and it has been awesome to watch Journey jump right in. Here's a word from Journey intern, Faith Young, about how she's seen God working in Community 3 so far.



Friday, we arrived in the third community with great excitement and anticipation for what God was going to do in the third community.  We were welcomed by a group of primary and secondary students with great enthusiasm.  This commmunity is made up of a couple of different tribes but the main tribe that we come in contact with is the Maasai tribe. The secondary students chose to welcome us with a few traditional Maasai dances.  They then proceeded to invite each of us to stand up and join them in their dance.  I felt so honored by their willingness to so openly share with us and invite us in to their culture. It was such a blessing and filled each of our team members with great joy.

During this time God gave me a beautiful vision of what He Himself calls each of us to.  God approaches us with an open hand asking us to join Him in a dance because He dearly loves us and wants to engage us in a romance.  As this young Maasai student approached me chanting an unfamiliar language and doing difficult intricate steps I have never seen I could have chose to turn away his hand and continue seated but I would have missed out on the great joy these people brought us.  In the same way how many times do I miss out on good things God has in store because I am scared of engaging in the dance God invites me into because I do not understand what He is asking me to do or because I simply do not trust Him to lead me in the right direction.  How crazy?? I trusted a student I had never met before to safely lead me and show me the way through a dance that I did not understand and had never seen before yet I do not trust my Heavenly Father.  God created me, knows every part of me, has great plans to prosper me, and loves me I should willingly take His hand because the dance He has planned for me is far greater than the dance these Maasai students led us through.  What a place of joy and peace to live in knowing that God invites me to dance and I do not have to worry because He is going to teach me every step in due time.

-Faith Young