Journey: Officially a month in!

[gallery ids="2029,2067,2066"] Today marks J2013’s one-month anniversary! What a better way to celebrate the beauty of 31 days of discipleship and rich community than a day of rest and debrief. We arrived back to the Invest house from our second community yesterday. During our time of journaling and debriefing today, a common theme of the week in the second community, mentioned by all of the interns, was peace and rest.

One of the many beautiful characteristics of the people of the second community is their peace. All of the people that we interacted with were quietly bold and confident. While there, the Lord provided an unexpected abundance of time with the Rejoice Project team. On top of teaching over 1,000 students in the schools in just two days, the interns were able to build deep relationships with the Africans they were partnered with in the schools. We were able to visit the homes and churches of multiple Rejoice Team members. The passion that these community members have for their community, The Rejoice Project, and the students that they teach is undeniable. Despite the fact that their team is new, these leaders display a great amount of experience in the classroom, and even just spending time with them for the week was extremely beneficial for our team. Our team united with theirs so well, and saying goodbye at the end of our time there was far from easy.

The Lord allowed for a lot of community time for our team as well. The second community has a much colder climate; so much of our time on the campsite was spent in the central shelter around a fireplace. Between card games, teachings, and a lot of team hangout time, the Lord faithfully directed our team into a season of growth. It has been such a blessing to watch the interns mutually encourage and spur one another on.

We are spending our next few days preparing to transition into our third community! Please continue to pray for our team as we walk forward in knowing Jesus and making him known in the rural communities.