Journey getting started in Community 2!

We have officially arrived in our second community! God’s creativity is so evident in the diversity of each of the communities we serve in. The contrast has been most obvious to me today, because the atmosphere of Kinangop is almost polar opposite of that in our first community. After staking our tents at the foot of the Aberdare Mountains, we spent the afternoon in the shelter avoiding rain, and getting to know the Rejoice Project team. It’s been refreshing to spend time with such a new group of leaders. From just the few hours we spent with them yesterday, it is so clear that they’re eager to grow, and passionate about teaching in the schools. Harun is the Rejoice Project Coordinator over all of Kinangop. He will be shepherding our team throughout our time here. His leadership is quiet and consistent, but so bold amongst the Kenyans that the Lord has placed him over to lead. Today, our team is serving in three different schools, in three different villages, and teaching over 1,000 children about the virtue of grace. We loaded the buses this morning in anticipation of an extremely full day. After an hour-long bus ride on a bumpy dirt road, we arrived at the first school. I have come to find that despite the Kenyan school and no matter what village you’re in, the warm welcome offered is always consistent. Our team spent the morning playing, laughing, and teaching alongside our Kenyan friends in the classrooms. It’s been cool to watch J2013 step into the roles in which the Lord has called them to this summer. They’ve already begun to embrace the uniqueness of Kinangop, and it’s clear that they’re leaning into the new experiences that come with the first few days in a new community.

Below is a video from our time in the first community!