Something to rejoice about.

Yesterday was a great day here at the Invest House. The Lord provided such sweet time of reflection  and processing and community time with our team. Here are the thoughts of one of our staff members about our time in the first community.


Greetings from Kenya on this beautiful Sunday morning! Today, Journey interns continue to rest and share some time of reflection with one another as they look back on what God allowed them to be apart of last week in our first community. It was nothing short of beautiful and full of joyful stories. So far you've been reading all about what working with Rejoice Project and building relationships with new Kenyan friends looks like from the interns' perspectives. As the Rejoice Project manager, God has given me a unique perspective that I'd love to share with you today. I don't want to miss this great opportunity to share how I've seen your students boldly choose to take part in the empowering of next generation leaders and children of Kenya.
They were nervous, excited, and probably still a little unsure of what they had gotten themselves into. After leading them through training on why we do Rejoice Project and how the project is being implemented for almost three days, I knew most of it wouldn't sink in until they experienced it first hand. Journey's role is simple though: to support and encourage the leaders of Rejoice Project to teach the truth of God's love to the thousands of students in their communities. They are invited to help teach whichever virtue is being implemented that month by jumping into Kenyan classrooms using curriculum that communicates God's love in a highly experiential way. 
On DAY 1 of being in the schools, Journey got a taste of what it means to just let go and trust God after I unexpectedly told them they would be teaching a full two hours earlier than anticipated. I had known these interns for all of seven days at this point but it didn't surprise me whatsoever when they boldly said YES and jumped right in. God sent some fierce leaders this year who are eager to participate in the awakening of children's hearts. I felt like a mother letting her kids go for the first time, which I'm sure that many of you reading this know way more about than I do at this point in life. Nonetheless, they told their bible stories, sang songs about God's grace, colored pictures together, played games that communicated letting go of our burden's to Jesus, and most importantly, they gave airtime to the name of Jesus in a new and exciting way for the 75 children that God let them spend time with. I was humbled to be a sideline spectator as these interns chose to believe that God is who He says He is. 
By the end of the week, they had taught over 600 students in five different schools and encouraged 60+ leaders to keep making Jesus famous. I've been apart of Journey for three years now and it never gets tiring, old, or boring to watch. Never. Next week we will be in three more schools in a new community with new leaders. They'll keep teaching the virtue of GRACE in partnership with the Rejoice teams and we just know God will move mountains of strongholds and burdens because of our obedience to disciple the next generation. 
If you are a parent of a Journey intern, just know that your student is choosing to be quite possibly the boldest they've ever been by taking part in Rejoice Project. I know because I've been in their shoes and having 150 Kenyan children staring at you is daunting and overwhelming to say the least. But God will use it teach and guide them in the way he wants them to go. I can promise you that. Let's join together in prayer over them, the Rejoice team members they will meet, and the children they will help shepherd for the next few weeks. God's getting glory and praise. And that's something to REJOICE about. 
Many blessings, 
Hannah Woods 
Rejoice Project Manager