Established & lifted up.

It has been a great past few days in our first community. We have had the opportunity to love and serve hundreds of more children in two different schools. Alongside of this, during the mornings, we are setting aside time to serve with community members through several different projects, including: construction, clearing brush, and digging trenches. Whether it be working alongside a Kenyan adult or holding the hands of a small child, we are humbled by the ability of God to use each of us in the the most ordinary of ways if we are just faithful in looking for what he is doing in that moment. Glad to share another story with you from one of our interns, Catherine Meyer. Enjoy!


“It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the LORD shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall  be lifted above the hills; and all the nations shall flow to it.” Isaiah 2:2

As I read Isaiah 2 this morning, I was overwhelmed by the significance of what our work in Ngaamba means.

I think back to yesterday and I remember our bouncy ride along the red dirt roads. The 28-person bus was packed tight with supplies, guitars and backpacks, but we still managed to fit five extra people inside. Worship music blast through the speakers as we spent the final 20 minutes of our journey praying. We prayed for the children, for our lessons, and that the Lord would lead us as teachers of His truth.

As we pulled into Uvunye Primary School, we were greeted by small bodies with joyful smiles clothed in florescent blue and yellow uniforms. Excited, the students chased after our bus until we were able to park and unload. They expectantly grabbed our hands, overwhelmed by our presence. Together, we spent the next few hours carrying bags of sand (to be used in construction for new classrooms) and playing Little Sally Walker. As our fun wrapped up, we were finally able to gather the 75 students into one classroom to begin our lessons. As my team waited to present, I watched the students. Three to four students shared one desk, their smiles still wide as they sat straight, listening attentively. As my team’s time approached, I walked in excited to color with them.

As an early childhood education major, I was overwhelmed by what a simple craft meant to these children. We passed out templates of the sun and explained how God’s grace is similar because it is free and never-ending. Finally we distributed crayons and paint. I watched the students’ faces light up as they began to personalize their suns. Something I do regularly with my students in America was such a treat for these students. I loved watching their creativity pour out onto paper. Students walked away with blue suns, red suns, yellow suns and pink suns; the combinations of colors were endless. They were thrilled to take their drawings home with them.

As I processed through yesterday’s adventures this morning, The Lord had me stuck on Isaiah 2:2. The mountain of the Lord is heaven, for it is higher than the rest (Isaiah 14:13) and on it a feast of rich food and aged wine awaits us (Isaiah 25:6). But what I felt captivated by was not this image, but that all the nations were called there. In Heaven, everyone is welcome. Not only has our God created such an amazing place for us to go be with Him, but also He calls every tribe, tongue and nation to be there with Him too. It is beautiful to think that our God is so for His children that He would send , blessed with knowledge, to make sure His name is known internationally. I think of the students I will continue to teach this summer and am overwhelmed that as He is with me, He is with them. He is loving them, praying for them and intimately acquainted with each one of them. And just as He is in Kenya, The Lord is in America with our families as well. He is loving you, praying for you and intimately acquainted with you. The God we serve is sovereign, indeed.

Catherine Meyer