Knowing Jesus changes everything.

Greetings from the Journey team! One of the things we enjoy doing while Journey is in Kenya is allowing our interns to share stories from the communities we serve in. Ultimately, these stories give you a raw perspective of what it is like here in Kenya for our interns. I invite you to settle in and soak up these stories. We are more than happy to share them with you. Enjoy! Cody


Thus far we have been in Ngaamba for three days. I can say that God has blessed me immeasurably more than I ever expected. This past Sunday we spent time in worship with our community members in different churches. It was wonderful to be able to worship corporately again. That is something that I long for deeply. Not in a legalistic way, but because I love to worship our Creator as a body of believers all joined together in one Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord was definitely present this Sunday in worship. I could not understand some of the service because it was in Swahili and Kikamba, yet I enjoyed it immensely. The singing and dancing and rejoicing in the Lord was recharging for me. God’s spirit was sweet and refreshing. After the service had finished we were allowed to visit the home of one of the Rejoice Project members. I had the honor to go Beatrice’s house. We walked about twenty minutes from the church to arrive at her home and then were served lunch. Our time was spent truly honoring the Lord by resting on Sunday, and in doing so we were allowed to fellowship with Beatrice and her children. I learned how to make Chai with Beatrice. Let me tell you it was the best Chai I have had thus far in Kenya. That may be because I had a chance to make it myself, but probably not. Beatrice’s guidance was a necessity for sure. I was blessed by Beatrice because she took the time to open up to me about her family and allowed me time to ask questions. We discussed her work ethic, and she insisted that I go home and learn how to work in the garden like she does. I was reminded of summer evenings working in the garden with my grandparents because, we spent some of the afternoon shelling peas for Beatrice to prepare for supper that evening. During this time we continued to discuss my family. She even ventured to ask me if I had a woman back home that I was stricken for. I told her yes and she had a good laugh as she translated some Swahili for me to bring home to her. Describing all of that for you was to say this: The Lord is the same whether I am in America or in Kenya. His spirit is the same spirit that indwells all of His children and I am loving seeing this first hand. It wasn’t that I did not believe this to be true, but to see it first hand is life changing. Furthermore, God is showing me what it means to be content in Him. Beatrice modeled this perfectly for me. She is content not because of the wealth of physical things that she has, but because she has the Lord. Jesus Christ is all we need, and having Him changes everything. Please continue to keep our team in your prayers and know that God is moving in big ways. Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Mungu Akubariki (God Bless you)

Sam Curtis