In the middle.

We aren’t just waiting for His faithfulness, we’re in the midst of it. I daily look back through my prayer journals in order to be reminded of answered prayers, praises after seasons of wrestle, and deliverance in the midst of suffering. Our easiest way to be reminded of God’s faithfulness is by looking back at all He has done. But, what about in the midst of God’s anticipated faithfulness? It’s easy to declare answered prayer as God’s faithfulness, but what about when we are standing in the middle and having to make a decision or a sacrifice? What about when we look crazy- what do we cling to then? 

I often find myself in this place- in the middle of promises and deliverance. Blindly following what God’s called me to, trusting that even when I don’t get it and I look crazy, He is faithful. Because here is what I know: God’s isn’t just the author of the over-arching lofty theme of faithfulness, but He is stringing together piece by piece every sentence, breath, and moment into distinct purposefulness- our satisfaction and His glorification.  And with His faithfulness comes our willingness to be misunderstood.

For Moses it meant leading a nation to deliverance via holding a stick up to a body of water hoping that something, anything would happen. For Mary, it meant immaculate conception in a society where pregnancy out of wedlock meant being stoned to death, in order that the son of God would be born into the world. For Abraham, it meant bringing his only son up to a mountain for sacrifice, only for God to provide a ram for him to sacrifice instead. For Noah, it meant building an arch he’d never seen for a rain he’d never experienced. And for Jesus Christ it meant coming to earth as the only perfectly sinless human being, humbling himself as a king to die on a cross for generations and generations of people. 

God’s faithfulness demands a willingness to stand in the middle on uncertainty, declaring and clinging to His provision, trusting and proclaiming that even if it seems crazy, His promises are true and He will provide.

All of these circumstances showed a person willing to put aside their fear of being misunderstood in order that God would be glorified, and His faithfulness would be revealed. All of them recognizing that God’s faithfulness is not just something that we look back on or look forward to, but that with every breath we take, we are in the midst of holy and radical provision. 

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