His past faithfulness.

What was life like for you last year at this time? 

Think about… Where were you living? Working? What was the biggest struggle that consumed your thoughts? What was the best part of life back then? 

One year ago my life was completely different. I was in another state, I had a different job and I was feeling a nudge that changes was coming soon. Today I live 1,500 miles away in a new state with a  new job and new community. For me the difference between today and 365 days ago is drastic. 

Maybe that’s true in your life too. Maybe not. 

Either way. Life is different. We are all a little older, with ever changing circumstances. 

Through all of the changes Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Christ is constant. He is present in my past and he’s present in my today and he’ll be present in my future.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes that Truth doesn’t sink in until I stop to think about where I was in the past. How did Christ meet me back there? 

As I notice Him, I find that His past faithfulness is like ‘fuel’ for my faith today. It gives me the courage to trust that He will continue to be faithful. 

So my questions to you today are: where were you a year ago? How has Christ been faithful? Let’s ask God to help us see His faithfulness in our stories. Lets use His past faithfulness as fuel for our faith for today. 

Remembering with you, 


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