You've already provided.

Heavenly Father,

Each and every morning I wake up, you’ve already provided in an overwhelming way. Oxygen, light, life, food, a roof over my head, water, a warm bed, and so much grace. Even when I don’t ask, you provide. Even when I don’t realize, you provide. Thank you for not only giving me what I need this morning, but immeasurably more than that.

As the sun rises, you are faithful, Jesus. In every single detail throughout every single day, you are all knowing. With everything that goes our way and everything that doesn’t, yes God, you still remain trustworthy. When it comes to preparing hearts, speaking just the right words, or providing perfect timing, I’m overcome by your faithfulness. It’s not just in a circumstance or in a day, your eternal faithfulness is immeasurably more than all we could ever ask for. 

Then there is your grace. When I continue to run away from you, you pursue me by your grace. When I skip out on spending time with you in the morning, you give me grace to continue with my day. When I hear you, but choose not to really listen, your grace is a flood. Your grace, God, is always, always, always immeasurably more. 

What is boils down to is that your character is immeasurably more, God. You’re not just enough, you are more than enough. You don’t just sort of satisfy, you completely satisfy. You don’t just provide, you provide abundantly. You’re not just faithful, you’re richly faithful. You don’t just give us grace, you immerse us in grace. 

Today, Lord God, as I recognize that you yourself are immeasurably more, let that be enough.

Remind me, especially in this season, that it’s about you. Remind me that it’s not about how many advent plans I’m reading through, how much community service I do on my days off, or how many hours I spend in prayer instead of sleeping in, but it’s simply about knowing you. To know you, Jesus, is to know immeasurably more and my only response is to forever live a life of praising you.

It’s in the holy, gracious, and perfect name of Jesus that I pray. Amen.