Heading into Community 1!

971173_10151627184040813_273867621_n We are heading into our first community tomorrow. The anticipation is building, and we truly can't wait to see how the Lord moves throughout our time in the schools and with the Kenyans. As the days have passed, the interns are constantly talking about their excitement and urgency to be in the schools. Sarah Beth Tankersley, one of our J2013 interns, took some time to reflect on her experience thus far with Rejoice Project! Enjoy!



In our first week in Kenya we have focused on team training for Rejoice Project. Ever since day one of training back in Georgia, I have been looking forward to learning more about this program and seeing what the process of empowering the young generations in Kenya would look like.

Throughout training we have taken a look at the What, How, and Why of Rejoice Project and the many ways the program manifests itself through lessons, hands on learning, and games. This variety of teachings comes together to reveal one central virtue that is taught in schools throughout our communities. This month’s virtue is grace. We are learning how to develop ways to convey this virtue to younger students. It has truly been a humbling experience. To see a “common” virtue through the lens of a child brings back the richness and reality of the principle. I do not deserve the gift of grace and there is nothing that I can do to earn it, but God so wonderfully gives it anyway, abundantly!

I am more than excited to go into our first community to use all of the methods and teachings that we have learned. To be able to put them into practice within a Kenyan classroom is still a nerve racking thought but God is so faithful and we as a team are trusting that He will do great things through our willingness and obedience. God’s blessings are abundant and He is continuously revealing Himself as we continue to develop and strengthen our community. Praises to the Kingdom.