Zachary Tyler

Hey Everyone!

My name is Zach Tyler. I am from Cumming, Georgia and a rising junior at North Georgia College and State University.

I am excited about the incredible work God is doing and has done in my life. I feel that he has wired me for missions and I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to work with people internationally and share my faith in Jesus Christ.

The way God opened the door for me to realize that international missions is a little interesting- Since about the 7th grade some of my classmates/teammates would joke about me running all the time and say that I should “just go to Kenya.” The more I grew in my faith, the more I realized how much those jokes really meant to me. I found myself striving to be a well equipped Christian to go abroad and do God’s will.

I am so blessed to have not only one opportunity, but two chances to travel to Kenya and share the word of God and serve in communities where the need is greatest. After my first trip to Kenya, I knew it was the right thing. God made it clear to me that I was meant to serve for Him through missions work.

I want to thank everyone for their support, whether it is through financial support, prayer, encouragement, or advice. You are truly the ones who make it possible for me and my team to go.