Unity has been the theme within our team the past few days. As we continue to walk through this journey and our time at Camp Highland, our team is quickly beginning to understand the importance of uniting together as a team, and pushing one another towards Christ. We are already beginning to see the Lord knit together a beautiful community amongst the Journey 2013 interns and staff! [gallery ids="1974,1975,1977"]

The past two days have been filled with challenging, but life bringing adventure. It has been a blessing to watch the interns walk forward in this journey together, leaving no one behind. We’ve been working hard, but having a ton of fun! We even challenged the Camp Highland staff to the annual ultimate Frisbee match. It’s awesome to watch our team not only unite together as journey, but also to watch them extend their community to the Camp Highland staff as well. Bill Chapman, the Camp Highland founder, led both groups in a prayer after the match. He spoke about the beauty of the Church, and how we all have the same goal- to know Jesus and to make him known. Every year, we find that our time with the Camp Highland staff is mutually beneficial and encouraging.

Today was a crucial day for team building. The interns participated in activities that called for both trust and surrender of fear and hesitation.  We’ve challenged our team to encourage one another in truth, and to claim Jesus in each other. Please continue to pray for team building and unity as we walk forward in our last days at Camp Highland. We are expectant and ready to see the Lord continue to move throughout our team.