Journey at Camp Highland

It's the 3rd day into Journey Internship and our 2nd day joining our friends at Camp Highland. Our team arrived yesterday evening and immediately jumped into camp with a obstacle race put on by our summers staff.  Camp Highland often functions as the foundation of our summers. I know that God has big things planned for this team in Kenya. image

A group of people we normally do not talk much about are our volunteers and summer staff. We have four summer staff, Abi Thompson, Kadie Haase, Johnny McLauglin, and Will Rudisill. In addition to them, we have had 6 Journey alumni come and serve this team before we even left for camp. We are blessed by this community of people and could not do what God has called us to do without their help. One of the people we are especially thankful for is Sheeva Olyaie. She participated in Journey Internship in 2011 and has since been involved in supporting and encouraging our organization and interns. Enjoy her reflections on being back in Journey!



Oh goodness, what a week! I’m sitting here listening to Kristin walk our interns through Romans 12, the lifeblood of Invest, and I am just blown away that I am here! Two years ago I was sitting in the same place our 19 interns are now sitting, soaking in for the first time just how big Journey is, and just how much potential it had to rock my world. I am so thankful to Jesus for allowing me to step back into Journey this year and support our staff as they propel these interns into revolutionary encounters with God this summer.

Pouring into the ministries of Choose to Invest is something that has filled my heart and broken it over and over again over the last couple of years. Once I experienced the heart and mission of this organization, I had no choice to respond. As an intern, my response was to come under their authority.

Now, I’ve been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our staff as they spur on the interns, and I am LOVING IT! I am a details person; I look for answers ahead of the curve, try to anticipate what will happen and compensate for that. What amazes me is that God uses this to remind me of His love, especially as I come alongside Journey this summer. Traveling with Journey is one of those details in my story that I could not have imagined for myself, but God knew would take me on a new walk with him. How encouraging is that? Our God knows us so intimately, knows what we need, and calls us to tasks so that we can encounter Him.

Over the last week, I’ve worked with SO MANY Journey and Invest alumni that have come to help get ready for Journey 2013. It’s such a strong confirmation that the investment Kristin and Nathanael have made into this is lasting. I’m honored to be a part of this staff for Journey 2013, reinvesting the truth and love I took away from Journey 2011. God is being glorified over and over again through the change He ignites in the hearts of past interns, and I love being here to support this group and witness God move in the hearts of Journey 2013!