A New Generation!

We had an incredible experience this weekend with Run for Orphans in Alpharetta, GA! More than 500 people gathered on a cold Saturday morning to help raise awareness and funding for two of our projects, Kimbilio and Rejoice Project. We are so thankful to the 60 volunteers who made Run for Orphans a great success. We will share more details this week along with pictures of the event! Rejoice Project Team Training

Today marks the beginning of our first Rejoice Project Leadership Training retreat at the Invest House. We arranged for 10 Rejoice Project team members from different communities to travel to the Invest House for three days of training, equipping, and encouragement. We would love for you all to join us in praying over the next three days for God to speak clearly through our staff and that deep discipleship would take place.

The Rejoice Project team members that are joining us are part of a group of about 70 community members from different parts of Kenya who have stepped up as leaders for the next generation. This group volunteers at their local primary school and church to teach their community's next generation about who God is and who they are because of Him. They are servant leaders with a desire to see God transform their communities for His glory. Together, we see a new generation in Kenya with bright, strong, and passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We are excited to spend the next three days pouring back in to the leaders who are pouring out in their communities!

Johannes, Harun, Peter, Donald, Kristin, Joshua, Peterson, Francis, Daniel, and Evelyn - a group of 10 made up of pastors, teachers, moms, and dads, all with a vision of a generation that knows God deeply and lives for His glory!