Journey Internship, Rejoice Project, & a Children's Home?

Irene and Baby Ann I can't count how many sentences I begin with "I am so excited about..." and this week's announcements are full of more reasons to write the same! We are excited about Kimbilio and the visions that we have of a refuge for orphaned children in Kenya. A place that cries out the glory of God and His extreme and unfathomable love for a fragment of the 2 million + "forgotten" or "abandoned" children throughout just one country in Africa. Our entire team is looking forward with anticipation for the day that we bring the first baby home to Kimbilio!

Getting excited about the idea of lavishing God's love on children left without hope or a future is actually pretty easy for most people. What we are really excited about is what we believe is the aspect of Kimbilio that will impact an entire country. What we have discovered over the years is that there seems to be a forgotten aspect of orphan care and it's what we at Choose to Invest see as an opportunity to impact a country and not just a handful of children. While from the outside, launching a children's home in Kenya may seem like a noble thing but a bit out of line with the purpose and vision of Choose to Invest, we believe it's an open door to do exactly what God has called us to do:

to be used by God to awaken, disciple, and empower the next generation to know Jesus and to make him known.

As we prayed and asked God for wisdom and a vision for something that doesn't shine glory on our organization, our children's home, our team, or our ideas but something that makes a lasting impact and gets at the root of the issues that lead to 2 million abandoned or orphaned children in a country. What God showed us is that caring for orphaned children in a way that is equal to the way we would care for our own children is just obedience. It's that simple. He also planted a vision in our hearts for the awakening, discipleship, and empowerment of a generation of people who have for one reason or another, stepped in to the various roles of "caretaker" for these children. How do you impact a generation of orphaned children greater in number than the entire population of Houston, TX (4th largest city in the US)? You lavish love on the people who care for them.

Our vision for Kimbilio is intriguing. It's discipleship and intentionality for how each individual and whole child is cared for, encouraged in God's truth, and raised to be followers of Christ. Our vision for who will soon be our fellow caretakers is not much different... our heart is to provide discipleship experiences for those who directly impact the orphaned children of Kenya, equipping them to intentionally parent and guide the children that God has stewarded to them. Through this, we see a generation of children growing up knowing that God is a perfect Father who loves them beyond understanding and who has redeemed them from the injustice and bondage that comes from an orphaned spirit. We can see a new generation in Kenya that will lead courageously for the glory of God!

God is opening the doors wide, we are stepping though, and we couldn't be more excited for a new opportunity to impact a generation!