Announcing the Kimbilio Baby Home!

Baby Moses During the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity of doing research at close to 20 different children’s homes throughout Africa. My time researching provided a lot of clarification and direction for us as we began to work out a vision for Kimbilio. Many of the homes advised us to start something small before we built a building and operated on a large scale. From the beginnings of Kimbilio Project, we always talked about opening a baby home as our first step. This was affirmed when the homes encouraged us to start something small.

While starting small very much aligned with our culture at Choose to Invest, we knew that we didn't have the systems or people in place to move forward. We did know that announcing Kimbilio and beginning to fundraise was our next step of obedience.  We moved forward with casting vision and recently God brought along a family that loves the Lord, has a calling to ministry in Africa, and that posses a special passion for orphaned and abandoned children. He also brought along four ladies who graduate from college in May 2013 and have a desire to move to Kenya for a year to help us launch Kimbilio Project. These four ladies will be Choose to Invest interns with a focus on Kimbilio. After a lot of prayer and research we knew God was placing these people before us so we would have the capacity to start the Kimbilio Baby Home.

Many children, specifically babies, are abandoned in hospitals by their mothers, left on the side of the street, in pit latrines (restrooms), or in garbage dumps. The Kimbilio Baby Home will allow us to start caring for these children who in the eyes of many have no hope and love. We will also be able to practically experience our model, approach to care, strategic staffing, intentional relationships with current care takers, and the discipleship of a new generation. The Kimbilio Baby Home will set the course of the future for Kimbilio Project!

The Kimbilio Baby Home will be made possible, first off from the support of individuals like you. We ask that you join in the movement and help us provide a refuge for orphaned and abandoned babies by visiting the sponsorship and/or needs page. We will rent a home in Nairobi that will become the Kimbilio Baby Home, where will implement our child development model. The home will be led by our newest staff members, the Rodes (more on them tomorrow!). We will also identify the following Kenyan staff; Direct Care Givers (to be moms), a Social Worker, Security Guards, a nurse, cook, and maintenance help.

To summarize, here are steps we are working on now:

  1. Registration with the government of Kenya
  2. Identifying a home in Kenya to occupy
  3. Securing our future children’s sponsor families

We are so excited that 2013 is the year Kimbilio will start providing a refuge for orphaned and abandoned children. Our entire staff believes this is the year of trusting and believing that God is going to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). We are six weeks into 2013 and I have seen God do things that no man would ever be capable of doing. I love being a part of this, because I want God to receive all the glory and honor at all times! I look forward into the rest of 2013 and know that if it is anything like the past six weeks we are going to see God do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine! My excitement builds every day for what God has in store and I cannot wait!

Check back tomorrow to learn about the Rodes family, mentioned above, and their call to help make Kimbilio a reality!

For more information be sure to visit the updated website for more information:

Feel free to email me with any questions!

Edward Phillips

Director of Kimbilio Project