The Hand Off

It may be poetic that journey 2009 was the first experience of Choose to Invest - it was the end of a decade. now, on the brink of a new decade, we move into the Journey Internship's sophomore year. And it is already a beautiful thing. Last year, I was playing a part with the journey internship, but as I reflect on it, I think I was still gnawing on some of the nuggets that the students would be learning. And while I was gleaning and growing as the Stateside representative, keenly missing out on no less than a few impactful aspects in the lexicon of ministry through Choose to Invest, the students and leaders were living it up for God's glory in Kenya.

This year, I am not sitting on the bench from the sidelines and that excites me. I am playing with the team on the field and I am joining in God's victories. As we lead up to Journey 2010, I am ALREADY blessed. I have LOVED getting to know the students, namely the 7 incredible girls that God has stewarded to us this summer. I have loved hearing their hearts, asking questions, responding in prayer, and preparing the experience with them in mind. It is beautiful to me that these girls are "only in the preparation stage" of the Journey experience, but are already forging community and building trust. I see them interact with each other via facebook, make plans to meet up together (those that live nearby each other), and share thoughts as the experience gets closer. It's a blessing to know that even before the "start date" God is working within their hearts and God is not confined to a commencement of time.

What I also celebrate about God's ministry through Choose to Invest is the veterans. Of the 14 interns that served last year, I have recognized that no less than 4 students are keenly involved with guiding and welcoming in our new interns. The Journey 2009 interns have been meeting up at various times over this year - and they are college students from ACROSS the country - but they are students that we've also kept in touch with over this year. Their experiences have been impactful enough, that they are here ushering in a new experience for new students for the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. I LOVE the Body of Christ! It's a beautiful thing!

As the interns' arrival date is less than one week away, I am keenly aware that this is no ordinary experience. together, 13 college students, 3 adults, and two children will embark on an expedition of truth and Biblical identity. We are the next squad called up to make the plays. God is our Coach and our Guide. We will respond. And it will be beautiful. -- Kristine Wendt