Experience Journey - Community 2

Coming from southern Illinois, my experience with mountains is limited to say the least. Imagine my shock stepping off the bus into the hills and valleys of Africa. My time in the second community was spent in a beautiful community, a place full of peaks and valleys, cows and goats, and amazing people all around.

Despite the cool weather, daily rains, and outstanding night skies, our team faced constant spiritual attack. Scheduling problems, sickness, and injury plagued our team as a number of leaders were sidelined over the course of the week. However, in spite of all these trials, God took that opportunity to reveal himself as the equipper. Where our “official” leaders fell, interns rose up to take command. Far from a coup, this was an opportunity for God to whisper, “Rise up, be available and I will make you able.”

Personally, I was able to take home a specific example of God’s reminder. As we divided our team for church visits, I was asked to give a short sermon at the church my group would be attending. Now I’m the furthest person possible from any sort of Biblical scholar, so I reluctantly agreed, asking God to give me the words to share. I spent the bus ride flipping through my Bible before settling on a story in Exodus. Arriving at the church, we set down our bags and were quickly ushered to the front of the church to be introduced. From there, I was called up to speak. Realizing that I had left my Bible in my backpack in the rear of the church was the most terrifying realization.

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself though, as I remembered the story I had chosen to speak on. Moses is called before the burning bush and given the command to go forth and lead his people out of Egypt. But Moses resists, claiming to be a poor speaker and not equipped to handle such a responsibility. God shuts him up there and promises to equip him with all that he will need to answer the call, if only Moses will suck it up and trust in God’s provision.

That Sunday gave me a concrete understanding of how God is able to and will equip us for His call if only we allow Him to. A simple sermon opened the door for me and illness opened the door for our team as a whole to rise up. It was such a sweet reminder of how God can take any situation and use it as a major turning point in our lives to bring Him glory.