A Week About Journey

Today begins a week of blog posts devoted to Journey. We are honored to share stories with you from former interns’ experiences and little of our own hearts and vision for Journey. If you have not yet had a chance, check out a blog from our 2012 intern Abi Thompson regarding her experience at Camp Highland, this is the “beginning” of this series.

SO WHAT IS JOURNEY? Journey is a 10-week discipleship experience for college-aged students who have a passion to live for Jesus and want to love and serve the people of East Africa. Before departing, Journey will spend about a week in the US with our friends at Camp Highland as we detox from the world and become united as a team; ready to serve the people of Africa and be open to all God has for us during this experience. During our nearly 8 weeks across the world, Journey will serve in rural communities sponsored by The 410 Bridge – implementing The Rejoice Project in rural schools, supporting the on-going works of The 410 Bridge in different communities, and serving in orphanages. Upon arriving home, Journey will spend nearly a week together doing what we call debrief. Our desire for this time is to process what God took each of us through during our time overseas and turn that into empowerment to go and serve through the local church, on our campuses, through our friends & families, and through global outreach missions.

Currently, are in the process of assembling our team for 2013 and are looking forward to the 1st round of acceptance on November 19th. It has always left me in awe of God when I get to see how he puts a team together perfect for the tasks and experiences our team will go through while in Africa. I have no doubts that he is doing the same this year. We have no idea how big of a team he is building or what skills they will possess, but we do know that he is building a team perfect for the work of advancing his Kingdom in all over the world. We welcome God in this time and draw even nearer to him, because I know that I do not have ability to “choose” who is right for this team and I can only boast in the fact that he does.

Join us in praying for our 2013 Journey Interns. This week we invite you to join us in praising God for all that he has done while looking forward to his goodness and faithfulness in this new season of Journey.