Baby George

Over the summer I had the chance to spend time in the area where we plan to buy land and build Kimbilio. During my time in this town I visited the local public hospital to meet with the social worker to find out statistics on orphans and abandoned children in the area. Emily, the social worker, went through her records to recall the number of children’s cases she had dealt with thus far. Between January and June the number of abandoned babies in this hospital had already doubled the total number of babies that were abandoned here in 2011. Emily then informed me how they were having to care for a lot of these children in the hospital because the orphanages in the area are full. They do not have the resources or staffing to care for these children within the hospital and since the orphanages in the area are not taking in children; the babies are being sent hours away to other homes. She explained how the area is growing and the number of abandoned babies will continue to increase as well. According to her records from the past few years, the number of abandoned babies increases in the final months of the year so she expects many more cases to come. Emily also informed me that the cases she has are only children abandoned at the hospital or that are brought to the hospital.  Many other children are abandoned within their communities or are taken to the nearby police station. As I was saying goodbye to Emily and thanking her for spending time with me she asked if she could show me something in the hospital. Of course, I said yes. I walked with Emily down a covered walkway into the adjacent building. This was the maternity ward where every bed in the building was occupied by an expectant mother. We turned a corner, and walked down another hallway and entered a room. This room was very small, hot and muggy. Emily began to explain to me that this is where the babies are brought after they are born. She turned, picked up a two week old baby boy, and placed him into my arms. Emily then told me how two weeks ago when baby George was born his mother had gone to use the bathroom and snuck out of the hospital. When they tried to trace the name on record, she was no where to be found because she had given a fake name. Baby George was still in the hospital because Emily could not find a children’s home that had availability to care for him. She stared into my eyes as though I could fix the problem. I was torn up inside, because I could not fix this problem at the moment. After thanking Emily for her time and saying goodbye to George I proceeded back to my car.

I realized I could not fix the problem then and there but I could fix it soon! That is why Kimbilio Project exists! We will be able to provide a refuge and holistic care for babies like George who have no place to go. This is only one example and reason why we have urgency in starting Kimbilio.

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