Rising Up!

We are in an exciting new season with Rejoice Project! For more than two year now, we have been working in partnership with The 410 Bridge to reach a new generation in Africa with the message of God's love and grace. We are often asked about this project and how we are investing in the lives of our friends so today we wanted to give you an update!

Through the Rejoice Project, we seek to do three things:




the next generations in East Africa!

That’s no surprise since all of our projects follow this model. But what makes Rejoice Project different?

Our Choose to Invest team have been working first hand with students, pastors, leaders, and youth throughout communities in East Africa so that every child would KNOW JESUS and MAKE HIM KNOWN. The communities we have been working in for the past two years are truly experiencing impact and change as they are beginning to build their children up in WISDOM, STATURE, AND FAVOR. If you read our older blogs you’ll meet the 252 Team (one of our Rejoice Project teams) who seek to do this very thing in their schools and churches by partnering with us through the Rejoice Project.

We work with indigenous leaders like the ones on the 252 team because we believe children can be rescued from the strongholds of poverty, immorality, and corruption, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in order that they may live their lives fully for Jesus. The Rejoice Project teams teach the children NOW about the truth of God's word, before the lies of the world take root in their lives.

And God certainly has a plan on how to accomplish all of this! This past week, myself and three of our staff members travelled to a community where we met with 25 new leaders who have said, “We want to take part in God’s story for our community.” Around 15 Pastors in this area have been attending trainings and encouragement meetings with Rejoice Project and they are rising up together to create what they call the “Pastor’s Fellowship.” Denominations, all of them, are expressing their concern for the division in the church body and have decided that monthly meetings and service projects must take place from this point forward between themselves in order to see true impact, development, and change for the kingdom of God!

THIS is Rejoice Project. By investing in these leaders, not only are children going to know Jesus and make Him known, but full communities are joining together for the glory of God!

Because of this single community, four new communities have created their own Rejoice Project teams and are beginning to make Jesus known where they live.

I invest in the Rejoice Project because I believe as a Christ follower I should RISE UP with these leaders and see the glory of God in all nations.