A Different Kind of Discipleship

It’s now been almost two months since Journey 2012 officially completed and though the curtains may have been drawn on another successful Journey, there are many things going on behind the scenes. Without the normal attention Journey draws, staff are finding time to recoup and relax, post-Journey feedback is being combed over for improvements, and curriculum and documents are being changed over for 2013. It’s not the glamor and luster that people normally get excited about, but it is a season within Journey that I have come to love and enjoy. Without the 24/7 contact that I would normally get, I find time to pray over our former interns. It’s a bit of “empty-nester syndrome,” but you make due and find ways to keep the community together. I’ve found that even things as small as a text message can be a game-changer for the day. One of the most beautiful parts of Journey is hearing how God opens doors for former interns when they arrive home; the Kingdom work he has reserved for them to be a part of. Coming home, many interns find the change difficult, but I have heard some great stories of how God has gracefully allowed this past Journey to merge into life at home. Does is come with trial and difficulty? Absolutely. But what is more revealing of the change that has taken place in the hearts of this years group is the tenacity and boldness each of them have embraced in accepting those challenges that come with diving back into school and work.

So with forward-looking eyes, Journey will slowly transform, as it has in years past, to a new year and a new group of interns. The Invest family will grow larger by 15-20 new interns and so will the hearts of our staff. So what is this different kind of discipleship you may ask? It’s the discipleship of prayer - those early morning hours, long car rides, or momentary promptings to lift up words to God on behalf of Journey interns of years past. It’s not the loudest, but I am convinced it is the aspect of discipleship that matters most.


“A global discipleship movement for the next generation.”