Markie Anderson

Hi Everyone! My name is Markie Anderson. I live in Toledo, OH and I just finished my sophomore year at the University of Findlay.

I feel that God wired me to be actively involved in missions, and He has given me a deep desire to serve and love the people of Africa. Back in 2006, I heard about the Journey Internship at a Big Stuf camp in Daytona Beach, Florida. I was so excited to find out about such a great opportunity and wanted to be a part of it immediately. However, since I was a junior in high school at the time I knew that I would not be able to apply for at least a year. Time passed and life seemed to drown out the urgency of being a part of the Internship. Throughout the next year and a half, I would struggle with making my relationship with God a priority and choose to spend my time pursuing my ambitions for my life and not God's. After months of struggling to find fulfillment and worth in the world, I came broken to God asking Him to clean up the mess I had made in my life. I wanted nothing more than to follow the path He designed for my life and I told Him so. In July of this last year, I fell asleep on my couch and had a dream that rocked my world. Nothing seemed out of place at first and the dream was pretty unremarkable. Then as vividly as ever, I remember that there was this little girl who looked up at me with a dirty and tear stained face. She was holding a cup of dirty water and simply said, "I'm thirsty." At once I woke up and quietly I heard the Journey Internship over and over in my head. I prayed about the entire dream and about the Internship asking God if this was His plan for me. Overcome by peace and feeling like this was were God truly wanted me, I decided to apply to be a part of Journey 2010.

I hope to gain so much through this experience. Most of all, I hope to gain a better understanding of how to live my life in a way that undeniably radiates the love of Christ. Also, I am eager to trust God with every aspect of my life and go confidently in the direction He points me to without questioning His plan. I want this experience to rock my world and to come back to my family, friends and the people in my sphere of influence so radically different that there is no denying the power and love of the God we serve.

Throughout the application and interview process as well as fund raising and preparing to leave, I have learned how to trust God with everything. I had to trust that He wanted me to be a part of Journey 2010, as well as trust in His provisions when it came time to raise money. He has continually been faithful and constantly given me reassurance that this is His desire for me this summer. I have also learned how to be flexible and open to change. Normally I need to know plans down to the exact hour. Plans for our time in Kenya have changed a few times, instead of letting that be a stumbling block I have learned that God knows the plans and that's all that matters.

Each day God is showing and teaching me more and more. He has already done some major things these last few months, I cannot wait to see what else He has in store for each of the members of the team as we do life together this summer!