A New Addition to the Team!

Meet Aaron! We have had the blessing for many years to walk alongside and work with this wonderful man of God. We first met Aaron in 2008 and immediately witnessed his love for Jesus and the next generation. Aaron has immense favor in his community and is well loved and respected. Long before we met, he was investing in and discipling the next generation. Over the years Journey, our friends from Camp Highland, and other teams have invested in him and with him. One of our favorite memories is when we were able to witness his excitement for the use of experiential learning to communicate the gospel the first time we met him!

Today we watched him lead a new Rejoice Project team and witnessed a new generation rising up. It is difficult to describe the joy of walking in to a church to see a group of young adults with a passion and desire to see something different for the next generation. In early June, we took Journey to this community and had the opportunity to spend 4 days training and discussing Rejoice Project. The same trainees returned today for another meeting and training session. The project is underway and we are excited to see what God does with this group and in this community.

I had the privilege of talking with Aaron today about an opportunity to lead the project in his area. We first met Aaron in 2008 on our vision trip with The 410 Bridge, we knew that God was weaving together a unique relationship for the future. Today, I offered him the position of Rejoice Project Coordinator for the area! What a blessing to work together for the purpose of investing in a new generation... what an incredible moment it was when Aaron replied with "I feel like my dream is coming true!" Aaron steps in to his role this month and will finally have an opportunity to work full time with the children and youth of his community. God is faithful and I can't wait to see Him use Aaron to disciple a group leaders that will be used to change a community for God's glory.

We are going to update you all this week on Rejoice Project and everything that we are working on right now. Next week our focus will be on Kimbilio and where God is leading us after a summer of building new relationships and refining the vision.