Kimbilio Update

2 months. 3 countries. 18 children’s home.

Vision. Intimacy. Inspiration. Encouragement. Refuge.

On May 27 I left the United States to travel to Africa. I started my trip in Cape Town, South Africa with Hillsong Church Cape Town. Hillsong partners with a school for children with disabilities and built a home/dormitory for the kids. I was able to learn a lot from this home and how Hillsong Africa Foundation operates. After eight days in Cape Town, I ventured to East Africa where I was for six weeks. I was able to visit over 17 different children’s homes across East Africa to see how other organizations are running their children’s homes. All of these homes were very different in the way they care for their children. I have yet to see exactly what we want to do at Kimbilio. This is exciting because I know God has given us a special and unique vision to care for orphaned and abandoned children! I cannot wait to start bringing in babies and children in order for them to find refuge in Jesus Christ, understand God's special love for them, that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, not a mistake, and then live as warriors for Christ and changing the world in His name. Gah, I am about to jump out of my seat typing this!

Not only was I able to do research at various orphanages across Africa but I was also able to view land and meet with lawyers. I got to visit the area where we hope to start Kimbilio. In this location I got to explore the area, look at plots of land, understand the need in the area, and pray for discernment as to exact location for Kimbilio. I think we have identified the plot of land that we hope to purchase! I met with lawyers to get the process started to get Choose to Invest registered as a charitable organization in East Africa, which is the first step for buying land. We are moving forward with this process and should be certified in about two months!

These experiences allowed me to further and refine vision for Kimbilio Project. God really took me to a new place of intimacy this summer as He continues to reveal vision for how we are to care for children in Kimbilio. I am in awe and thankful that God allows me to be a part of the story that He is writing with Kimbilio Project. I can say that I have never been this excited about this project. As many of you know, Kimbilio will have a special place for children with disabilities. My last week in East Africa I had the opportunity of hosting an occupational therapist who is partnering with us to provide therapy and developmental services for children at Kimbilio. I arrived back in the States on July 29th and I cannot wait to get more people involved and move forward with fundraising for Kimbilio Project!

Edward Phillips

Director of Kimbilio Project