Holy Collision

Today is a holy day, a holy day of collision. We just finished skyping Js2012 and the realization of holiness is almost so astounding it is hard for me to write. Today is a day where fulfillment of vision is an echo of God and His faithfulness. Tonight Js2012 is hosing a night called "journey snapshot"; this will be a night for them to tell the story and share God's faithfulness and work in and through their lives. What it is for Nathanael and I is a beautiful picture of God's faithfulness.

Since we started CTI we have been overwhelmed with a heart and burden for family. In the beginning we always said that we felt that God was not only asking us to disciple as He awakens but that God was restoring family and would use us a a vessel and tool in that process. Having worked in family ministry for years and having the privilege to sit under leadership at North Point Community Church I feel like I have "family" deeply written in my bones. Why, because God is for the family.

We have always wanted Journey Interns to have the opportunity to merge families, a holy collision of sorts, as their Journey family and their God given families collide together and get to know one another in a tangible way.  Throughout the summer we pray for the families, they pray for us, but tonight for many of them they will meet and get to hear stories from people who will forever be a part of their child's life and hopefully their families lives!

We stand in amazement by God tonight and His faithfulness. The things that are happening right now are so very beyond us:

Js2012 is hosting the first ever Journey snapshot night: sharing the journey and the story of God's faithfulness

Families are colliding: Journey, Alumni, and God given families

Alumni are colliding: some are coming tonight, others are leading all of journey, and many more are present in spirit and prayer

1 Journey Alum has sacrificially given for 4 years and has lead journey in a way that is unexplainable and so God

1 Journey Alum has sacrificially given and has kept us connected and going on the US side

1 Journey Alum is now at home after walking fearlessly alongside Journey2012 as summer staff this year

1 Journey Alum is still serving Journey2012 as she finishes out her role as summer staff

3 Journey Alum are sitting in our kitchen and partnering with us on the other side of the bridge as short term missionaries

1 future intern is preparing to leave for Africa this month and come help us continue to lay a solid foundation in KE

1 Journey Alum is leading others with a passionate and radical vision for orphan care in Africa

1 Journey Alum is leading a team of people from his school in an effort to raise money for Kimbilio

1 Journey Alum is an amazing board member and is leading her church to Africa next week and is currently packing bags for our missionaries

40+ Journey Alum are praying, supporting and loving our interns as they are choosing to walk boldly and live a life for Jesus investing their all for eternity!

Thank you to our board and to our friends who have helped make this summer possible. Thank you for the countless meals donated, homes invaded, prayers poured out, and love given.

Please join us as we continue to pray for J2012. Tonight will be very special night for them as they tell the story of what our God has done and see their families for the first time. Please pray for their hearts and for journey mercies as their families travel in to spend time with them and take them home. We are so blessed by our invest family.