Free to love and be loved

Courage. Boldness. Wait. Contentment. Surrender. Awaken. Release. Free. These are some of the words that God has written on the interns hearts over the summer. The past days of reflection have been rich with renewal.

To begin, their physical bodies just needed some rest. Activities overseas and the harshness of traveling wore these guys out but they were troopers! We encouraged lots of sleep and relaxation over the past few days. An intentional menu of FRESH fruits, veggies, and familiar food including american cereals and brownies hopefully provided nourishment and some comfort for the team. Grateful hearts here from Journey 2012 to all of the families that donated meals for us!

During our debrief time, we place so much value on positioning yourself to meet and hear from God. In Truth, we can meet with God wherever and whenever (He is so good like that!) but we like to provide the opportunity with as few distractions as possible. This is why we have been in the beautiful mountains of Georgia. No cell phones, no cars, no TV...we have been soaking up Gods goodness through nature, community, and solitude. Gods grace has been the focus as we go through the Passion City church series from Louie Giglio. He defines grace as "God at work". And God definitely has been lavishing His grace on us! He has been gracious to walk His children through transition and Truth. We have been blessed by the gift of multiple speakers coming to share their experiences with us...ranging from topics of unforgiveness to learning how to love and be loved.

Pray for our team as they soak up the last couple days in their precious community. I have heard from them over and over again how thankful they are for the gift of each other. May their hearts be moved also to love those who will be in their communities at home.


1 John