Welcome to debrief!

Good morning from the Journey 2012 team!

I had the privilege of welcoming home this awesome team at the airport last Saturday. I waited patiently in the arrivals lobby of the airport and was overjoyed when I heard their familiar voices. The group that I dropped off two months earlier looked a little tired? Yes. A little smelly? Yes. Could I tell they had met with the Lord in a new way? OH Yeah! Christ's light radiated through them despite their fatigue and the overwhelming nature of returning. Isn't He incredible like that?

We are now up in the mountains of North Georgia for some intentional debrief time. This is one of our favorite parts of the entire Journey. As a staff we believe it is so important to handle the re-entry period with the utmost, care because God always does huge things in their hearts while in Africa. During this time we facilitate reflection, intentional solitude with God, and empowerment to walk boldly in the Truth God has revealed.

Anxious anticipation is the only set of words I can use to describe where I am at right now. All of Journey has had obvious heart change, and I am looking forward to God showing up in big ways over the next few days!