and they are off...

We heard from Cody and they are off and headed back home. Today was a difficult day as we said good-bye and brought to close a part of this journey. Starting with our dinner last night and then a beautiful brunch and time of worship this morning we said our last good-byes. To say we have been blessed by Journey is an understatement. Their love for God, their love for our brothers and sisters in East Africa, their love for our family and most of all their love for our kids was overwhelming. Over the past several years of doing Journey God has lavished his love on our family in such a tangible way through the selfless and intentional love our interns show our kids. We finished today as I watched your children embrace, encourage, and pray over mine. What a beautiful sight and what a gift that I will forever cherish. My children's lives have been impacted by the interns reading them bible stories, making crafts with them, playing endless innings of baseball, carrying them on shoulders, snuggling with them, praying for them, sharing fun snacks, bus rides together, listening ears, affirmation, and even some days taking the kids for us so we could work or even go on a date. As a mother my prayers for my children have been abundantly answered and just like in years past these interns have made a forever mark on the lives of Benj and Cate.

Parents - Thank for the blessing of sharing the life of your child. Whether they are in college or not I recognize the sacrifice and for many the refinement that not only happened in their lives, but in yours with out them. I pray that you know you are receiving home some of the most beautiful and wonderful people I have ever met. I have watched them allow God to break their hearts, I have listened to them confess areas of their life that need surrendered, I have had the privilege of watching chains broken and immense freedom, I have listened to their depth of prayer and intimate worship. I have watched them selflessly and fearlessly let go of the comforts and the norms of their world and embrace a culture and most importantly people who are created beautiful in God's image.

I ask that we continue to pray together, united in one spirit as ask God to continue to move mountains, reveal the holiness within them and help them finish well. Know that we are blessed and are praying for you as well.

As we are heading to bed tonight our team is somber and our house is quiet, but we are confident in Christ Jesus and encouraged by the journey.

Humbled and Blessed,