Journey to the US

Our time is coming to a close and in less than 24-hours Journey will be on their way home. Bright and early (5:20am), the Journey team was awakened for a surprise safari! No lions were to be found, but we got a lot of close up encounters with many other wildlife native to Africa. Following this, we came back to the Invest House to finish packing and get some much needed rest before our flights tomorrow. To close our day, the Invest Staff prepared a dinner and dessert bar for the interns, with the founders of Invest, Nathanael and Kristin Avery, taking the time to encourage the team as they depart for the US. I speak for all the staff when I say that we are very grateful and in awe of the faithfulness of God  and all who were a part of getting the team here.

Now finding ourselves on this side of Journey, it is humbling to think of all that God has allowed Journey to be a part of. Four 410 Bridge communities served in, 20 schools visited, connecting with thousands of children to communicate the love of God, and more. While we may be leaving Africa, Journey is far from over. We will now be entering a time of intentional debrief in the US; processing what God taught each of us and how we can be faithful stewards of the vision and empowerment for our communities at home. Please continue praying for our team; that we continue to engage with all that God has for us in these last days together, for journey mercies on our way back to the US, and the diligence to listen to God and the boldness to act on his words.

Bwana asifiwe (praise the Lord) and United States - here Journey comes!