Back From Our 4th Community Visit

Journey has just arrived back in Nairobi after a great few weeks in a 410 Bridge community. What a special time this was, as we were able to continue to pour into relationships that began at the beginning of our time in Africa. As one intern put it, "We first came as visitors and were welcomed back as friends." During our time, we were able to continue implementing The Rejoice Project in area schools by visiting classrooms and holding a weekend Rejoice Camp with our friends from North Point Community Church. In addition to this, we were able to visit the homes of many of the 252 Team members and have our hands at life as Africans. 135 plucked chickens, hundreds of chipatis rolled and prepared, 20's of 30's of kilometers walked, and 600+ cups of chai drank later, I would say that Journey is no longer mazungu (meaning: white face), but now African. Imagine getting to experience returning to a community for a 2nd time  - all in the same trip! It's a beautiful representation of long-term missions and the joy that comes with greeting friends you have established relationships with. Journey continually emphasizes the importance of pouring deeply into the Africans as brothers and sisters in Christ, and I can say with full assurance that I saw only Jesus in each of them as they departed from that community today. Though we may physically be separated, I know that Kingdom relationships were made and that we will be greeting one another again in East Africa or in eternity.

Here are a few pictures of our time. More stories to come!