10 days

Today marks 10 days until the Journey 2012 team returns to US soil.....can you believe it?! They are currently still in their last community right now and I am sure that they are just soaking up every minute they get. This weekend they will return to Nairobi for a few days before the flight home. 10 days left is not a lot, but there is SO much packed in those days!

A lot of emotions can surround this last phase in Africa....for some, there will be tearful goodbyes with our friends, for others, the thought of coming back to America can be exciting or overwhelming. We need to surround this team with prayer. Transition can be difficult no matter where you are but in this case the transformation and relationships go so deep that change can be especially hard.

During this period, we like to focus on remembering...Remember what God has done, remember where He has brought you from and who He has shown himself to be. For those of you reading this at home, I would ask you to do the same thing. What had God shown you over the past weeks that your child or friend has been gone? How has He been faithful to His word?

To mark our 10 day countdown, I would love for you readers to join with our Journey team in recording 10 things that you are grateful to God for. I pray that God would remind us all of His presence and constant faithfulness. If you feel led, please comment and share some of the things that you are thankful for.

Lets pray for our Journey team that they would press into God even deeper through this next week. He is not done yet.