From our 3rd Community

Throughout today, the Journey team has been finding time to reflect our time in our 3rd community. During our time there, we were able to empower youth to facilitate the teaching of character-based discipleship curriculum in area schools. It was humbling to see such a great turn-out of community members passionate about youth following Christ. One of the things you will notice about this community is how the wind continually blows over the landscape. What a beautiful depiction of how our Creator breaths life into us. Well, I can tell you the wind never stopped blowing and God's faithfulness and favor towards the people of that community and us is the very same! Looking to dig deeper? Join our Journey team in digging into the scripture of Ezekiel 37. 

Check out a video update from our 3rd community: CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Looking for even more? Here are some more thoughts from our interns! Enjoy!


KAYLYNN CRITES | Hold the phones... I can’t even believe almost half of our time here is up! God has proved himself sovereign every single day that I’ve been here. I think I’ve been taught and shown more in these past 4 weeks than I have in a whole year. The main thing that God has been strengthening me in and teaching me this summer is being present-minded. It’s no secret that I’m usually a future-oriented person, always dwelling on the next thing ahead. From day 1 of Journey 2012, I’ve been broken of that. I’m not lying when I say that the interns aren’t told anything until we’re actually doing it. Honestly, it’s been the biggest blessing. I don’t have to (or get to) worry about ANYTHING. I’m just here, doing life with 21 other Jesus-loving college students. This is where I’m supposed to be, and focusing on anything other than right here and right now is just dumb! However, it’s not all cupcakes, rainbows, and butterflies all the time. It’s a daily choice I have to make. Will I be here, soaking in every bit of what God is giving me this summer?

So overall, God is doing huge things here in Africa and in me. I can’t wait to share them with all of you back home! So, mom and dad and Brice, this is me, typing this blog post on a couch, telling you that I am alive and well. :) Keep praying for me! I miss you guys. Oh and Lolli, Cait, Janine, Bishop, Brit, and everyone else that I love so dearly that have been lifting me up in prayer from home, thank you. I cannot wait to see you all so so soon. Nakupenda sana sana sana :)

JEN MESSER | This is a season of firsts. First time I jumped off a telephone pole in the air, first time that I ate chicken that had just been strutting around our compound, and it is the first time I have ever been to Africa.  In this season of firsts, God has been showing me so much.  I am consistently amazed by his work in my life, and especially during the time that we spent in the second community.

This place is unlike any region I have ever seen.  There are beautiful trees, lush grass and majestic mountains throughout the second communnity. I had no idea how God would use this place, but he did.

God has been showing me that he is not a God of the same. Every person has a unique story, and unique experiences.  For instance, the school that some of us went to caused us to be very flexible.  We had no idea what we would be doing at the school, or even if we would be working with students.  We thought that we would be doing one thing, then someone would say that the plans had changed again.

I thought that the next day would require us to be flexible again, but I ended up not returning until two days later.  I had the opportunity to help work with a new team from the area that would be going into schools to teach the Rejoice Project. I was very thankful that I had been asked to help, but I didn’t really know what the Lord wanted me to do there.  I doubted what I would be doing as it was just my first time teaching the Rejoice Project a few days earlier.  What did I have to offer these people?  I might enjoy teaching, but I did not feel qualified.  God took my fears and even my failures from that day and he turned them around.  He showed me that what I thought of him and his plan is not necessarily how he would work.  He does not work in the same way that I expected from the past, he has surprised me and burst out of the box that I keep trying to put him into.

Every first that has happened to me has in some way impacted my trip.  I can’t wait to see the other firsts that he will bring my way.  God Bless!

RACHEL ELLER | God is so faithful. He is faithful to ordain and engineer our circumstances so that we will know how to grow, to learn, and to serve where He has us. So many times on this Journey I have already experienced the undeniable and unexplainable peace of Jesus as He lavishes His love on me through this team, our leaders, and the East African f communities. A few of us recently had the opportunity to tour a part of the second community with one of 410 Bridge’s  staff, Christopher. He is a native of the area and was so proud to show us how God has been working there since 410 came. The light and love of Christ shines through him in a contagious way, and as he showed us his home, you could just feel how passionately he trusted in his faithful God. He showed us how our God, the same in Africa as He is in America, rescued primary school girls out of having to climb a dangerous rock face to get water for their families. Before 410 was able to drill a bore hole and provide water to a large portion of the community for less than three dollars a month, ten and twelve year old girls had to travel to a mountain stream and carry twenty liter buckets of water up a steep rocky hill. I struggled to climb it with nothing in my hands, and can not imagine the challenge it presented to these young girls. Now, because we trust in and serve a faithful God who does not forget his suffering children, this community has running water and they no longer have to face this danger. I am learning to cling to Him, as so many of these people relentlessly do, because He will uphold me with his right hand (Psalm 63:8) along with many other truths. He will hold His children up, He is protecting and teaching us in tiny moments, and he is faithful to bring the good works He begins to completion. We are serving a faithful God.