Diana Mescher

Hey All!

Diana here! I’m from Council Bluffs Iowa and am a senior at the University of Northern Iowa up in Cedar Falls, IA. Over the past few years God has awakened me to a passion for His church and I am in the middle of discerning what that looks like for my future!

I stumbled across this internship back in August and was very interested in it. A while later, I realized Journey 2010 was a perfect fit for my desires to invest in others and my desires learn more about how God has wired me and what I am suppose to do with that knowledge. I decided to apply and the rest is history as some say. I’ve never felt more affirmed that I’ve made the right decision before.

I am looking forward to better understanding what it means to live my life dependant on Him. Honestly, I am pumped to discover more of who God is, and what His truth looks like when it's written on my heart. The growth that has already happened in this preparation process is huge!

I could write paragraph after paragraph about what God has done to my heart so far, but one of the big truths I've been wrestling with is learning to live up the potential God's already achieved for me, as Philipians 3:16 says. God is good. Along with that, it has been great to discover how having a community of people striving for authenticity, Truth, and love is a powerful and wonderful thing God uses.

I can’t wait to do life with my fellow interns and the people of Kenya!