Update From Our 3rd Community

We have had an amazing time here in our 3rd community with Journey! God is revealing new things to our team and forming new relationships with the people here. We wrap our time here tomorrow and head back to the house after a final time of Rejoice Project training and farewells. Below are a few more blogs from our team! Luke Cummings

It’s hard to try and sum up all that has happened in the past few weeks here. So far the Lord has been teaching me so much every single day and it’s been a blast. Being able to dive head first into the Lord’s will alongside 20 plus people who love  Jesus so passionately has been a huge encouragement. It has also been extremely encouraging to just spend time with our new friends from East Africa that are so on fire for the Lord.  When introducing themselves, one of the first things they inform you of is that they love Christ and have been saved by Him.  Hearing people who are not at all ashamed to proclaim the name of Jesus from the first second of meeting someone new has been one of the coolest things to see.  One thing the Lord has continued to reveal to me since Journey started is that His goodness is so consistent even in moments that seem so insignificant.  Whether I am teaching and playing with children, being taught by our leaders, or just playing cards with my teammates, the Lord is constantly being intentional with me and His love never changes.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of our time here!

Abi Thompson

East Africa. It has become evident that this is my heart, this is my calling. This is my home. God began doing a major work in me before this journey started and I have seen a lot of it come full circle. I came into this summer a little broken, angry, and frustrated but since being here I’ve experienced healing, joy, and peace. God has really broken me of thinking that everyone’s opinion actually matters. Through scripture alone I’ve seen how faithful He is and how clearly He makes it known that He is the only one that counts. He has surrounded me with an absolutely God fearing community. I have never in my life experienced community like this. It’s amazing what can happen when you are intentional with what God places in your hands. Most people look back at their benchmarks and see God’s faithfulness, but I’ve learned to look back at the times in between my benchmarks. I’m finding that it is in those times when He does the greatest work simply because you aren’t looking for it. I stepped out of the car in Atlanta just ready to be in Africa because I was tired of America. But we got to Camp Highland and part of me wanted to stay there all summer. I’ve learned that being alone with God is one of the most beautiful places a person can be. I’ve learned that I truly don’t always need someone by my side because my God is enough. He was enough yesterday, He is enough today, and He will be enough tomorrow. I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made here and the examples I’ve seen in both the girls and guys on this trip. I can say the bar has been raised for what every kind of relationship should look like. The Lord has done a lot of confirmation in my heart while I’m here and I’m confident that I will be back. We’re about to head to Segera in a few days and Jakeb has informed me that we’re going to Ereri - which means I get to see my sweet Rebecca. I can’t tell you how much this excites me. I made a promise to her last year that I would come back to see her and God has been faithful to both of us in making sure that I fulfilled that promise. I’m praying plans don’t change as they often do here, but if so, God is still faithful. My heart is as full as it’s ever been and I’m so ecstatic to see what He has next for us in this Journey. There’s no place I’d rather be...

Will Tumlin

God is good. Its really that simple. I could end this post now and that would be enough. He is faithful, He is Peace. He is in control. He is worthy of all trust. He meets us where we’re at, He isn’t distant, He’s not far. He’s right by our side. Trust. It’s probably the biggest thing He’s been teaching me. I’m a controller, and always need to know what’s going on and He’s fully released me of that. Not only is He in control of everything but He so intricately cares about me, my thoughts, my passions, my desires, and my life. I have felt such amazing peace by giving Him everything. I didn’t come into the trip with many expectations, other than just to know Him in a deeper way. He has been so faithful to meet me where I’m at in life and fill me with Himself. I find myself longing more and more for His Word and His truth. That’s what the Word is, simply truth, and truth we can trust fully. I’ve been in Psalms a lot and its so apparent that David fully trusts in the Lord and that He is faithful. A passage that has been big for me is Psalm 37:3-5, “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will act.”  By trusting in Him, we befriend what He has already done in our lives and we know His way is true and perfect. He has been so faithful to me in my life and still is. I have had true delight in Him and His Word. He gives us the desires of our heart when they align with His ways because as we seek Him, He molds our heart to His. I love the word “Commit” because it is a commitment to give Him everything, but what’s crazy is He has our life in the palm of His hands and its worth it to commit to Him. Then I love that “He will act.” He acts on our behalf and is working for us. It has been so cool for the Lord to confirm some things in my life, cast visions for the future and be able to just simply trust it all to Him.

This is an amazing country, the people have taught me so much. To have a 5 year old African boy repeat, “Jesus loves me” will get you every time. I have enjoyed being in the schools for sure. The kids are so smart and I love just being able to love them and tell them more about the one who loves them more than anyone or anything. Another thing I’ve learned is our God is BIG. To sit in a small African church and hear them praise God in Swahili, the same God I worship in Birmingham, Alabama, blows my mind. Its just been cool to see that He literally has the whole world in His hands. I definitely miss my family, my friends, and everyone back at home. Sara, not going to lie, we’re hitting up Chick-fil-A when I get back, multiple times ha. I miss you and hope Tennessee is treating you well, getting ready for Ellis Middle and everything else. (Brantley says the “flips” are awesome) EZ, Mom, Dad, the Gullys, Bubba... miss y’all like crazy. All I got to say is Roll Tide to y’all ha. The Lord is good and I know I’m supposed to be here, my community is awesome and we’re having a great time. I’ve fallen in love with African Chai tea as well. Its amazing, basically hot sweet tea with a ton of milk haha. I’ll bring some home and make it, no worries. The Lord is doing BIG things and always is, that’s His business. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead.


I’ll leave y’all with a few verses that have been big for me - Psalm 62:5-8, Jeremiah 17:7-8, Phil. 3:12-16, Proverbs 3:3, and Habakkuk 2:2-3


We’ll see y’all soon then.