Fresh from our First Community

After a few days of camping, many songs sang, children's crowns made, dirt moved, and chapati eaten, we have finally arrived home. Take a look at this video to get a look into some our time spent in our first community. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

In addition to this, here is a post from one of our interns, Ben Pertl. Enjoy!


Wow. God is huge. I guess a small part of me always identified God with the Ol’ Red White and Blue, but stepping off of the plane in another country for the first time in my life hit me like a freight train. Maybe it sounds silly, but I was seeing a tangible example of God’s presence around the world. Standing in an African classroom listening to a chorus of accented voices worshiping God is so much more than I can process. Stories, images, and faces are all burned into my memory, and I would not trade them for anything.

Tonight, longing for family and friends has hit me pretty hard as I reflect on my time in the communities. However, in the background, I hear the voices of my African family, the Journey team, as they play cards and hang out. This is where God has placed me for the summer and He anticipated that longing we’d all feel. I thank Him daily for the awesome people He has assembled to go abroad and bring Him glory.

I ask for your prayers as we continue on our Journey. Please pray for safety, deepened relationships, and impact. Most importantly though, I ask that you seek for God’s will to be done and His name to be glorified in all that we have done and are about to do. Thank you so much, and bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)