Just a quick update on the crew... First, we are so excited and thankful that Edward and Chase, our Kimbilio crew, made it safely to East Africa from South Africa today. They are settling into the Invest home and will be posting some of their research and pictures soon. Keep an eye out to see it all!

Today the Journey team will be traveling back to the house from the first community. A lot goes into these transitions...on one hand, we appreciate the rhythm of spending substantial time in both the city and the community because it allows for seeds to be planted in both places. Yielding to the frequent location changes also helps to not mourn every goodbye that they have to say. On the other hand, we recognize that some of those seeds planted may grow roots and when that happens, it is difficult to leave. Some of the interns may have made great relationships with new friends making this transition especially tender. Of course, we trust that God has been moving and renewing hearts, minds, and bodies along this journey for our team and others. I am sure that the team is looking forward to some much needed rest back at home.

Please pray specifically for their rest and renewal physically and spiritually.

Also please pray that the Holy Spirit would seal in any important vision, revelation, memory, or face that God may have provided during their community time. Often, it is so important to be mentally present in certain moments that when you are physically removed it is hard to recall the significance that God attached to it. Transitions can bring that type of cloudiness to their minds and I am praying with you that God would extend an increased measure of clarity as they look back on his faithfulness over the week.

Pictures and intern moments coming soon. Stay tuned and thank you for praying.

We praise you God because you above all are worthy.