The ABC's of being in a community

The Journey team is well into their time in their first African community. All of the fundraising, packing, training, and preparation are over...they are on the ground! With Journey, we love our time in the community with our African friends. We want to include our home community in what it is like there as well! So, here is a look into what life is like in the is as easy as A,B,C...

A: Available:: Life as an intern in the community is less about your ability and more about your availability. We serve based on the current needs of the specific location. Sometimes that means manual labor projects, other times it means teaching Rejoice Project in the schools, and occasionally we may get something completely new. The point is, we get to learn as God postures hearts in willingness to be used in any way He chooses; we just need to be AVAILABLE.

B: Balls [VolleyBALL, FootBALL, etc] I cannot talk about life in the community without noting the time the team spends playing with African friends. God chooses to let us engage and know them better by doing some of what they love to do. Let me tell you, our African friends love to play...and our Journey team does too! Almost everyday a futbol game is played where everyone participates. You may think that your child or friend who went is not playing, but I promise they are involved in some form. We are so grateful that God provides such fun experiences with our friends.

C: Camping:: We took the team to Camp Highland so they could experience some outdoor living before leaving for Africa. Now that they are in the communities, it is time to apply what they learned about camping. The whole team has a campsite that they share. I have personally lived in this particular campsite the past two years I have travelled with Journey and can tell you that it is one of the most majestic areas I have ever been. I will also tell you that camping can sometimes be hard when you do it for the first time. By the end of the summer, we have professional campers but as this is their first week of intense outdoor living, please remember to pray for them. We love camping because it provides a more realistic immersion experience and helps us to meet with God more organically.If you really want to feel close to your Journey intern, you should put a tent up in your backyard too! ((If you do this, please send me a picture at :)

Hopefully, by knowing a bit more about the life our Journey team is living you have a clearer direction of how to pray.

Additionally, I was able to talk with the staff yesterday and get an update. Nathanael said they had a great first day! They met the leadership council of the community, played the first of their MANY futbol (soccer) games with the children and they also toured the new medical clinic construction site. That tour is especially exciting because the medical clinic is such a mark of Gods faithfulness and provision for this community. We are honored that the Journey team gets to come alongside our African friends during this special time.

Today the team participated in Kenyan church for the first time. This is such a beautiful experience. We believe in Gods global church and worshipping together with our friends in other nations is like nothing else. The team then dispersed to visit the homes of some of the church/community members. Some of the closest moments these interns will have with God and Africans is during the home visits. When they are welcomed in, they are able to see how our  friends in East Africa live and work. We love that it gives us the opportunity to serve with them in their home. This sometimes includes helping with dishes, assisting in the garden or catching a chicken! Relationship is most highly valued and home visits provide the opportunity for personal connections.

I am excited to see how God will break, empower and weave hearts together over these next few days in the community. He is always at work!