Day of laughter, joy and settling in

Today was a great day! We started out the day with a wonderful breakfast and then spent the morning doing an experiential learning excersise, debrief and some teaching about God's truth. The afternoon was filled with peanut butter and jelly, bananas and nutella and I think the nutella added an extra boost of joy to the day for many and a nice long nap to store up rest after their long week at camp and their long journey!After lunch I could hear the team singing out side as they prepared to learn the Rejoice Project curriculum and they spent the day learning about why we do what we do in the communities. They really enjoyed their day and laughter could be heard through the house from morning until night.

We ended the evening with a yummy spagetti meal made by the journey guys! (yes moms if you are reading this your boys are already cooking and cleaning and doing an amazing job at it!) The team was fed well today and loved on and even got to get some much needed rest.

After dinner we finished hearing from everyone and their experiences at Camp Highland. We are so blessed by the Camp Highland staff and their investment in the lives of our interns. It was a huge win and their lives are already blessed and changed by it!

We will post pics tomorrow but just wanted everyone to know we are doing well and settling in to our house and routines! We are hoping to finish unpacking tomorrow and look forward to more team time and teaching as we prepare to leave for the communities soon!

Thank you for your prayers, your love and your encouragement. Feel free to leave comments and we will deliver them on... Please pray for our continued wisdom as we lead and the teams unity and trust of His perfect plans!

May blessings, Kristin