Exhaustion, empowerment and odor

Exhaustion, empowerment and odor. These are the three things that I noticed about our group of 22 Journey interns when they returned from Camp Highland for the week.

What we love about Camp Highland is that they provide an experience where the interns get to freely engage with what God is doing in their heart while also jumping into working as a team with each other. Camp activities are not always fun or easy; they are designed to break down walls, challenge worldly norms, and build team bonds.

It is evident that this group left for camp as a bunch of individuals but returned as a team. Laughter was their anthem as they unloaded cars and camping materials. The sense of empowerment and unity was obvious despite the impact of a long week.

With only two days before their flight leaves for Africa, this team has some washing up to do!  They will be washing clothes, repacking bags and preparing to head out the door.

This flux time in between the freedom of camp and excitement of going to Africa can tend to be problematic for some. It is somewhat of a waiting and preparation period. Please pray for our team as they fight to stay centered. During this time, it is easy to step back into the pressures of the world and be overwhelmed by packing, trip details or the reality of departure. Pray for a renewed sense of Jesus as the center. Their circumstances, location, and comforts are all about to change. We praise God that He never changes.

Here are some pictures from camp and our clean up day. We were so excited to be able to surprise the interns with a pool party after they unpacked!