Meet the Team: Ashleigh, Jakeb, Abi, Kadie, & Joshua

Ashleigh Faggard

Hello, this is Ashleigh! I am 19 years old and a junior in college (finally)! I attend Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina and am majoring in Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I am from the small town of Hayesville, North Carolina.

I feel God calling me to Africa, not only for the time of this trip but to serve Him there all through my life. There are so many circumstances that could have come up and obstacles that we all, as interns, have dealt with to be on this trip and God brought us through all of them. I have no doubt that God has placed me on this journey for a reason.  I am so excited to discover the mysteriousness of God's plan for me and to grow in Him while glorifying Him at the same time. From the first time I entered Africa, I knew God wanted to use me to work with the youth of that beautiful country. I hope to follow God with my life and I know that God will use this trip to teach me how to follow Him even more. :)

Jakeb Stunz

My name is Jakeb Stunz. I am from Lake Jackson, Texas (Houston area) but attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I feel God is calling me to Africa for many reasons. One, I had felt God pushing me to find a way to spend my summer in East Africa, so being accepted to the Journey team was a prayer answered in a big way. The people of East Africa have always given me more spiritually when I am with them than I could ever hope to give them materialistically, so just being in Africa, living with them and praising the God of the universe with them will be an experience that only God can give. I also feel called to missions in the future, so this is a chance for God to reveal Himself to me in a huge way.

Abi Thompson

My name is Abi Thompson. I go to NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. I'm a small group leader of 11th grade girls. I'm a huge Georgia Tech fan! Go Jackets! I am completely obsessed with elephants. I've had 10 majors and been to 3 schools. God has completely turned my life around and I am so so so excited to be following the calling He has placed on my life! Seeing Him work in my friends and family and in the communities I'm a part of is absolutely amazing. I'm from Easley, SC and I go to Anderson University for graphic design. God placed East Africa on my heart when I was in the 5th grade. I just didn't know it was God that did it until about 2 years ago. I went for the first time last year and it absolutely captivated my heart. There is not a day that the people of East Africa don't cross my mind and come up in conversation. Home is where God calls you, and for me that is Africa. I know that I am called to reach the people of East Africa for Christ. I don't know what that looks like at this point but I know that He has already gone before me and made a way. I am beyond excited for this summer and the doors that the Lord is going to open and the opportunities He is going to lay out before me!

Kadie Hasse

My name is Kadie Haase and I am from Roswell, GA! I am studying Religion and Journalism at Samford University. I feel that the Lord is calling me to East Africa because he's given me a heart beat for unity and discipleship and I'm really excited to glorify Him through that this summer!

Joshua Bridwell

I am Joshua Bridwell.  I am from Savannah, Ga and have lived there my whole life.  I got to a small Christian school in North Georgia called Toccoa Falls College.  I feel like I am being called to Africa because I can honestly step back and see God working in my life to get me to Africa.  It started by me having to give up one of my biggest passions in college: baseball.  After I gave that up, I had decided to try and do journey. After the interview with Cody, I knew it was where I needed to be.  God blessed me with a heart for the African people and I could not wait to be there serving them.  I step back and see God providing for me in every way, especially funds.  My faith was tested, but He proved that He will come through when I need Him most.