Meet the Team: Luke and KayLynn

Luke Cummings

I am an upcoming senior at UGA studying Rec. and Leisure

Before last semester I had never really thought about leaving the country but after hearing about the Journey opportunity in Africa, the Lord began to spark something inside me. I have always recognized the importance of spreading the gospel, but the Lord recently revealed to me the importance of continuing intentional encouragement in the lives of my brothers and sisters in Christ. As simple as this is, it is the reason why I feel called to Africa.  I can't wait to be an encourager and supporter of the new friends the Lord presents on journey.


Kaylynn Crites

I'm from Flowery Branch, Ga and am a Senior at Truett McConnell College in Cleveland, GA. After a friend told me about Journey 2012, I couldn't get my mind off of it. God, in all of His faithfulness and grace, kept on reassuring me of the fact that this is what I'm supposed to be doing with my summer. My initial reaction to God calling me to be a Journey 2012 intern was fear, then some doubt. However, since the day I applied to be a journey intern, I've felt a peace that can't be explained other than "It's just Jesus in me." the Lord has been faithful throughout this whole season of preparing for Kenya, and His promises have been ever-present in my life. A piece of my heart is in Kenya, and the idea of spending 8 weeks investing in the Africab people and seeing God do His thing automatically brings a smile to my face. Also, I just screamed out of excitement. No seriously. I screamed.