Erica Mills

Hey Everyone, My name is Erica Mills, and I am another one of the 2010 Journey Interns. I am currently finishing up my second year at George Washington University in Washington, D.C, but when I'm not in school I live in Marietta, GA with my family. I love school and all the ways God has blessed me through it, but I am excited to spend the summer serving others and doing the Lord's work with my fellow interns.

God has blessed me with a heart for missions and a desire to serve the people of Kenya. This is why, when I heard about the Journey 2010 internship from a family friend, I knew it was what God wanted for me to do with my summer.

Through this experience, I hope to further realize Gods plans for my future and what He may be calling me too. I hope to learn more about His character and His love for all people. I truly believe that God will use this trip to continue to mold me into the woman that He truly wants me to be. I also hope to build strong and uplifting relationships with my fellow interns and leaders that will help me in this process.

Throughout the application process and our preparations for the trip thus far, I can already see what a unique and God-ordained group this is. I have been learning to be more real and honest with God, with myself, and with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am also learning to turn my trust to Him rather than my own abilities. I cannot wait for Journey 2010 to begin and to see the incredible ways that God will use us in the upcoming months!